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Banking on Treasure Valley’s businesses and non-profits

Michael M. Mooney

Michael M. Mooney

Bank of the Cascades is welcoming the spring season with a renewed sense of confidence and optimism following the recent completion of a successful $177 million capital raise. We are very pleased to exceed all regulatory guidelines for “well capitalized” as we move forward to offer the advantages of community banking to business owners and individuals throughout the Treasure Valley.

As the Treasure Valley begins to show welcome signs of economic recovery, we have found this to be an opportune time to help our business customers plan for a healthy financial future, including short- and long-term financial goals.

Spring is the perfect reminder because it represents a time for clearing out, re-organizing and new growth. Just like we do at home, it’s important to take these same steps with our financial and business plans. Opportunity arises quickly and we encourage business owners and individuals to schedule appointments with their bankers as soon as possible. Planning today is an effective step toward a healthy financial future.

At Bank of the Cascades we value our customer relationships. We believe that knowing our customers and understanding their businesses and financial goals are among the most important aspects of the work we do. We offer our customers the advantage of local expertise, comprehensive services and individualized attention.

We are excited to put our expertise and energy toward continued support of our shared Treasure Valley communities. We are actively delivering credit to local and small businesses and are appreciative of these valued partnerships that directly support the Treasure Valley economy. We sincerely appreciate our friends and customers who have made a decision to “choose community” and to bank local. Their deposits and trust make it possible for us to invest in local businesses and non-profits through small business, commercial, consumer and mortgage lending. Choosing community provides opportunities to work together in support of a healthy economy.

As we work together to contribute to our Treasure Valley economies and communities, we recognize the invaluable work of the many non-profit agencies serving the area. We take pride in offering banking expertise to many area non-profit organizations. In addition, it is an honor to provide volunteer and philanthropic support, as well as educational opportunities through our popular non-profit seminar series. As we are all aware, these organizations not only make our communities better places to live and work, they all represent an important piece of our economic health.

Bank of the Cascades has served Northwest communities for more than 33 years, and we have a rich history in the Treasure Valley.

This column was contributed by Michael M. Mooney, executive vice president and regional manager, Idaho Region, for Bank of the Cascades.

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