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Waste-to-energy plant permit hits snag

Dynamis Energy’s application for a permit to construct is incomplete, the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality said in a May 24 letter to Chairman and CEO C. Lloyd Mahaffey.

The company’s proposed plant at the Ada County Landfill in northwest Boise would convert solid waste to a synthetic gas that would be incinerated to produce electricity. Idaho DEQ said it needs more information about the basis and method Dynamis used to establish emissions from the plant’s thermal conversion unit.

The department has ceased its review since the application is incomplete, the letter said. Dynamis must resubmit its application and pay a new fee if the Eagle-based company does not provide the requested information or request an extension within 30 days, DEQ said.

DEQ identified eight topics in requesting more information about the company’s emissions calculations. For example, Dynamis must provide detail about the geographic area affected, and more information about a worst-case exhaust scenario, as well as how processing tires compares to processing other solid waste.

The letter does not affect Idaho DEQ’s May 10 authorization for Dynamis to do pre-permit construction, said Darrin Pampaian, staff engineer with the department. The earlier authorization allows the company to build at its own risk; if the permit to construct is denied, the owner-operator will be in violation of Idaho air rules, he said.

About half of the project proposals submitted to Idaho DEQ are deemed incomplete before the department gathers additional information and considers them complete, he said.

Updated to add comment from Idaho DEQ

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