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Kellen Moore Bobblehead — denied!

They’re gone. All gone.

I’m talking about the Kellen Moore Bobbleheads, of course. (In case you somehow don’t know, Kellen Moore is the winningest college football quarterback ever. He played four years for Boise State University, leading the charge in some of the most thrilling football games anyone has ever watched.)

I wanted one of those bobbleheads. Not for me, really, although I probably would have gotten a couple while I was there, just because. Maybe I would have given the extra one as a Christmas present to my grandson.

But the main reason I wanted to get a Kellen Moore Bobblehead was because my son had asked me to. He’s not a little guy anymore, he’s all grown up and lives in Denver. But he graduated from Boise State and he is a huge Broncos fan. Did I mention he asked me?

See, us moms, we like to swoop in and do big things for our kids, no matter how old they are. We like to be the heroes.

I thought I was going to be a hero today. I had asked the store clerk at my closest Jacksons when the Kellen Moore Bobbleheads were coming in. He gave me the date. Today. I had it all planned out. I would stop on my way in to work and get one before they were all sold out.

Turns out, at 8:30 a.m., I was at least two hours too late. They sold out in 15 minutes, my Jacksons guy told me. OK, plan B: The Jacksons close to my work. No good. That one sold out in 10 minutes, I was told, and then: “They’re all gone,” he said. “You might try Craig’s List.”

Never say never to a mother. Craig’s List would be my last resort but first, I tried my faithful Twittersphere. When I woke up around 6:30, I saw that someone had posted a twitpic of a Kellen Moore Bobblehead, followed by one of a stack of ‘em all boxed up. So I sent out a couple of tweets.

“Tweet me if you have a KM Bobblehead for sale! #futileplea #desperate #soldout”

No reply.

Five minutes later I tried again.

“KM Bobblehead? Anybody? Must I go to Craig’s List? #soldout #missedopportunity #desperateplea”

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

OK, so I tried Craig’s List. What??? Kellen Moore Bobbleheads were there all right. Three hours ago, if I’d been one of the lucky ones to snag one at Jacksons I would have paid $7– if I wanted one now I would have to fork over $175. Yow.

Maybe the sweet Facebook community would help out. Here’s my post:

“Anybody have an extra KM Bobblehead? I couldn’t believe it — they were sold out in 10 minutes at one Jackson’s, 15 at the other and they said they were sold out everywhere! Let me know if you know of anyone who knows of anyone who might have a friend who has a friend who might have an extra one.”

I posted that 30 minutes ago. I don’t even have one “like.”

They had 5,000 of these Bobbleheads to sell. The TV anchors said people were standing in line. Silly me, I thought if I got there in the a.m., I’d be fine. I just didn’t think I’d have to camp out for one.

I just checked and a Kellen Moore Bobblehead is currently up to $205 at an online auction. You can put your bid in, the auction doesn’t close for 12 days, nine hours, 48 minutes, 20 seconds. http://boisestateauction.afrogs.org/items/view/index.html?item_id=35098

There are a few more on Craig’s List now, all $100 or more. The cheapest I could find one is on ebay: $85.


Me, I guess I’ll keep checking my twitterfeed and Facebook post. Who knows? If you want to be a hero, there’s nothing wrong in believing in miracles.

(A postcript: around noon Oct. 26, Beth Hagen of Kuna emailed to say she had an extra bobblehead. She’s selling it to me for $7.)

Jeanne Huff is special sections editor at Idaho Business Review, mother, grammy and hero-wannabe. And, psst — if you have any Kellen Moore Bobbleheads you want to get rid of, follow her on Twitter, look her up on Facebook or send her an email: jeanne.huff@idahobusinessreview.com.




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