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BSU rebrands with B logo

Boise State University its ditching its diamond logo used for academics and other programs and adopting an italicized B logo that’s an updated version of the school’s athletic logo. The redesign was done by Nike, which has been affiliated with the school for several years.

“The redesigned B serves all of us in the Bronco family and represents our personality traits of being determined, strong, innovative and community-based,” BSU President Bob Kustra said in a news release.

The previous diamond logo will be phased out through the current school year, with the new blue-and-orange B fully in place next fall. Director of Communications and Marketing Frank Zang said the change also makes sense as BSU’s football team moves to the Big East Conference next fall.

“This was an ideal time to bring our brand identity together,” Zang said. He said the Nike redesign is part of the school’s Nike contract and doesn’t have an added cost. The change was announced now so that university departments can use up existing stationery, business cards and other branded material before next fall.

“We seek to keep replacement cost minimal by using up existing inventory and making changes as part of our regular budget cycles,” Zang said.

The existing diamond logo with three pillars signified the Boise River, nearby mountains and city skyline, Zang said. It was launched in 2001.

Other large universities also share an academic and athletic logo. The University of Washington, University of Oregon and Washington State University all have their athletic logos prominently displayed on their academic websites.

In the news release Nov. 27 about the new logo, the university also said it is working with Nike on a consistent look for all Bronco sports that will be unveiled this spring. Zang said the Bronco horse head logo will continue to be used as well.

The University of Idaho adopted a new V-shaped secondary athletics logo in 2011 along with a “Throw the V” slogan. U of I has separate fonts and logos for its academics and athletics, according to the University’s logo guidelines. The College of Idaho also released a new coyote logo and mascot in 2011.

BSU has used the B in its B Social social media campaign and on street banners hanging at the university this fall. Boise Young Professionals has used a lowercase b for much of its programming, including b|launched and b|connected.

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  1. Dumb Looking – How about BSU, not just B? The brand created by the athletic department is one of the strongest in the NCAA. Why go in with something so weak?