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What’s your ‘healthy’ marketing strategy for 2013?

What marketing strategies have you been serving up this past season? Now is the time to pick up the slack and exercise your marketing plan. Whether you are just starting off, or if you’ve been around the track a few times, it’s time to condition.

Like any good athlete, let’s start with the lifestyle of your company. What are marketing tools do you utilize? What upgrades are necessary and affordable? How can you build muscle from what you already have? If you are looking to beef up, and haven’t begun engaging in social media, now is the time to start. Facebook says 40 percent of its one billion users spend their time searching their newsfeed. This means that 40 percent of what people do on Facebook is reading free advertising for your company!

While introducing new marketing tools such as social media and videos, it’s also time to re- purpose or refresh your existing tools. Do you promote through TV? Print? Radio? Have you stopped to consider who you are reaching and what medium works better with your target markets or segments? Newspapers, for example, are increasingly cutting costs in publishing, however they are increasing online circulation. Digital advertising on the publication’s website or eNews distributions may be the way to lean.

After defining your target, choose their motivation for engagement. Marketing Daily Commentary asks, “How can you engage with someone who you define purely by their capacity to consume stuff?” Example: you are trying to sell paper towels to women 20-35 years old. Don’t talk about how soft and fluffy the paper towels are. Instead, assume your target audience has a family with young children. Show the softness of the paper towel with the children falling asleep on the counter due to the comfort and softness of the paper towel. We call this “sub-text.” It
 gets your point across without stating the obvious.

Adjust the tone in which you reach your audience by re-analyzing who they are and what they like. Taking into consideration how your target market acts or reacts to your messaging as a result of various factors, including the economy, can significantly change how you present your product or service.

Next, suggest a call to action. Give your customers great information and then compel them to do something about it. There should be some type of call to action in an advertising message. Taglines such as,”get it now,” “click here for more details,” hurry now before sale ends,” or “don’t miss out,” will encourage your customers to engage with your product or service. In a purely branding message, your goal should be to create Top of Mind Awareness or TOMA. Leave a lasting impression, build your brand loyalty and stay on the forefront of your target’s mind.

Use this regimen in 2013. Begin with a checklist defining 1) What resources and tools can you use? 2) What strategies can you revamp? 3) Who is your target audience or how has your target audience changed? 4) What is the motivation of your customers to engage in your product or service? and 5) What is your call to action?

With an outline like this, you can be sure to see results fast, not to mention ones that have a lasting effect.

On your mark, get set, GO!

Rhea Allen, an Integrated Marketing Consultant, is a founding member of Boise Young Professionals, the President/CEO of Peppershock Media, a mother of two boys and the wife of Drew Allen, Creative Director/Principal at Peppershock Media. She has a Master’s of Business Administration Degree in Entrepreneurship and Marketing, She currently serves on the Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Nampa Chamber and Rotary Club of Nampa Boards. Rhea is a big advocate of great brand management for her all clients through various mediums including graphic design, print, online, video, social media, event involvement and more. She is also an award winning producer and is now located in one of Idaho’s largest video production studios, located in Nampa. Peppershock Media is a hybrid agency with fresh marketing strategy + creative production services, operating since 2003.


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