Six Moxie Javas are becoming Lucky Perk Coffee

Brad Iverson-Long//January 18, 2013

Six Moxie Javas are becoming Lucky Perk Coffee

Brad Iverson-Long//January 18, 2013

The Treasure Valley will get another brand of coffee in the mix as six Moxie Java coffee shops become Lucky Perk Coffee. The stores will start launching with the new brand on Jan. 21, with one new store rebranding per day. On Jan. 28, after all the stores have changed names, the stores will offer free drip coffee and charge $1 for all other coffee beverages.

The Lucky Perk name is a reference to Lucky Peak State Park east of Boise. Dave Rickard, who runs the one store located in Boise, said the new brand is meant to focus on the region.

“We’re Idaho-based,” he said. “We wanted something that signified the area that we’re in. We have no delusions about going out of state.”

The other five stores changing names are owned by Boulder Creek Enterprises, which settled a lawsuit with Moxie Java last August. The lawsuit, first filed in 2010, alleged breach of contract on brand agreements and price discrimination. Neither the owners of Boulder Creek nor Moxie Java would comment on the terms of the settlement or how it led to the new Lucky Perk brand.

Boulder Creek, which had run Moxie Java shops since 1996, owns four coffee shops in Meridian as well as one in Mountain Home. Its stores have 60 employees. The name change won’t affect staffing levels.

Moxie Java International, based in Boise, is looking for eight to 10 new franchisees in the Treasure Valley. Owner Rick Dean said a new Moxie Java is opening in Meridian in February and that there’s been interest for other shops.

Dean said he expects longtime Moxie Java customers to stay loyal to the brand, citing the company’s track record of charitable giving.

“The guests of Moxie Java love Moxie Java,” Dean said.

The Lucky Perk operators wouldn’t discuss the full menu of the rebranded stores, but said they’ll be bringing back Ghirardelli white chocolate for some specialty drinks. Part of the lawsuit with Moxie Java included concerns over switching to a different white chocolate recipe.

Rickard, who wasn’t party to the lawsuit, said he left Moxie Java amicably, which Dean confirmed.

Diane Mallard, co-owner of Boulder Creek, and Rickard both said they don’t have immediate plans to expand. Mallard said that if it’s time to grow, they have more flexibility. With Moxie Java, they had territorial agreements limiting them to Meridian and Mountain Home. Now, those restrictions are gone.

“We make all the decisions,” Mallard said.

Rickard wouldn’t rule out new Lucky Perk locations in the future.

“You always look if something becomes available,” he said.