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IACI turns lawmaker directory into an app

The Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry, one of the state’s more prominent business and lobbying organizations, has turned its state legislative directory into a free smartphone and tablet app. The app also includes a bill tracker useful for anyone wanting to lobby on legislation and could soon include a lawmakers’ social calendar.

The new app was spearheaded by Zachary Hauge, who became IACI’s political director in mid-2012.

“It’s a full-on replacement for the books we used to make,” he said.

The app includes contact information and committee assignments for all 105 Idaho lawmakers. The app, available for Apple and Google’s Android devices, also has a vote counting app, which lets users input and track how they think lawmakers would vote on a piece of legislation. The free app replaces the functionality of a similar app called Vote Count developed by an Oregon lobbying firm.

The app was developed by Valice, a Boise web hosting and development firm that also built IACI’s website. Jenna Haener, director of development for Valice, said an update to the vote tracking function is coming in the next few weeks.

Hauge said an update could include better sorting of lawmakers as well as the legislative social calendar that IACI hosts on its website. He said he’s received positive and constructive feedback from users of the app, which was released Jan. 17.

The app is the first Valice has released directly to Google and Apple‘s online stores, though the company has worked on apps for other clients.

“At the end of the day, it’s like web programming and development,” Haener said.


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