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Ada County commissioners and Dynamis Energy LLC to end landfill project

The planned Ada County project to convert landfill garbage to energy has ended. County commissioners and Dynamis Energy LLC have mutually decided to terminate all agreements related to the proposed plant at the county landfill near Hidden Springs.

The release ending the Ada County and Dynamis agreement will be voted on by commissioners and likely signed Feb. 19 during an open business meeting at the courthouse, the Ada County Department of Administration said Feb. 15.

The project’s termination includes a settlement agreement to release both sides from all claims. The county will drop its request for Dynamis to give back $2 million and the company will drop its claim of up to $70 million against the county, according to an agenda and draft document for the Feb. 19 meeting.

Dynamis planned to build, own and operate the 22-megawatt plant. The county gave $2 million to Dynamis in 2010 to design the project. Once the design was complete, the company was supposed to buy back the plans from the county for $2 million.

In November, Ada County commissioners voted to initiate a contract clause requiring Dynamis to return the money.

A citizens group called Idaho Citizens for Safe Environment and Transparent Government sued Ada County earlier that month, claiming the money amounts to a loan that the county is not allowed to give to businesses.

Dynamis was supposed to begin supplying electricity to Idaho Power Co. in 2014.


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  1. Thanks Dave Case! Now we the Citizens are screwed just so you could get elected. Dynamis was a great opportunity to FINALLY bring good Green Energy to Ada County that actually made sense. Goodbye clean soil, air, and water. I guess your campaign supporters in the recycling business are glad they got their money’s worth. You made good on your promise to them at our expense. I appreciate Govenor Otter showing his real cards as well. I guess as an Idahoan I should be satisfied with doing the same thing and expecting different results. Idaho sadly is NOT a new business friendly State. Maybe we can get the Socialists in Washington to give us more military bases huh Gov? You and your buddy Dave Case can certainly swing that! Pathetic and sad STATE of affairs….