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Lower margins and prices lead to decreased profit for Boise Inc.

Boise Inc. reported less profit in 2012 than 2011 despite having record annual sales of $2.56 billion. Sales were up 6 percent over 2011.

The paper and packaging products maker reported profit of $52.2 million in 2012, compared to $75.2 million in 2011.

Alexander Toeldte, president and CEO of the Boise-based company, attributed this 31-percent decline in profit to lower margins for packaging products and a drop in prices for paper.

According to a news release, a price increase of $50 per ton in the fourth quarter of 2012 could not offset declining margins in packaging products.

For paper, Toeldte said, “(W)e faced declining prices for communication-grade papers throughout the year, particularly in the fourth quarter. The average price for uncoated freesheet in the fourth quarter 2012 declined $27 per ton from the previous quarter and dropped $45 per ton from the fourth quarter 2011, as industry supply continued to outpace demand.”

As a result of lower paper prices, Boise Inc. shut down its mill in St. Helens, Ore. in December and reduced output at a mill in Jackson, Ala.

Scott Ki

Boise State and Idaho State offer new doctoral programs

The Idaho State Board of Education has approved two new doctoral programs. Boise State University will offer an online doctor of nursing practice degree, and Idaho State University will award a doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in geosciences. Both programs begin in August.

The Boise State nursing degree is an alternative to a research-focused Ph.D. Entry into the program will require a current registered nurse license, a bachelor’s degree in nursing with a master’s degree in a related field, or a master’s degree in nursing. The doctor of nursing practice can be earned on a part-time basis over eight semesters. The university plans to admit 15 students a year.

Geosciences doctoral students at Idaho State will mentor undergraduate and master’s degree students in the classroom and with research. The program will be closely linked with ISU’s doctoral programs in engineering and applied sciences.

Both of the new programs required signed agreements among public universities. For nursing, BSU reached an understanding with ISU on coordinating degree offerings. For geosciences, ISU, BSU, and the University of Idaho entered into an agreement to promote collaboration among the schools as they all offer doctoral higher level programs in geosciences.

 By Scott Ki

Idaho produces more goods, sees greater inflation

Numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis show that inflation is eroding gross product gains in rural Idaho.

The Idaho Department of Labor released the numbers Feb. 25 for the total value of goods and services produced in the state.

Economic activity picked up in Idaho’s 33 rural counties during 2011, with the counties producing just under $17.5 billion worth of goods and services. That’s a 5.1 percent increase compared to a year earlier.

But the Department of Labor says that increase was lost to inflation. Once inflation is taken into account, rural counties saw gross state product actually decline 0.6 percent.

The Associated Press

RealtyTrac adds new network

RealtyTrac is launching the RealtyTrac Network, a licensed network available to leading independent and franchised brokerage companies across the nation.

Through RTN, RealtyTrac will extend its brand awareness, media presence, real estate content, real estate data, varied sources of consumer leads and advertising resources to brokerages, helping them build an exclusive and sustainable competitive advantage in their local markets.

Over the past few years, RealtyTrac has expanded its real estate data beyond foreclosure information. With the acquisition of Homefacts LLC (www.homefacts.com) in April 2012, it added more than 200 million pages of property data to RealtyTrac.com, delivering more than 20 categories of information to about 95 million homes across the country. Data includes a wide range of information from school reports and crime statistics to environmental factors.

Brokers may obtain more information about the RealtyTrac Network and apply for the exclusive license in their market, by visiting www.RealtyTrac.com/network.

Dolan Media Newswires

Senate kills 1 marijuana resolution, OKs another

The Senate has killed an anti-marijuana resolution asking the federal government to enforce national drug laws, but passed a second one declaring opposition against marijuana use in any form.

Senators on Feb. 25 voted 21-13 to defeat the law enforcement resolution amid concerns it contradicts previous measures to ensure Idaho’s sovereignty.

Boise Republican Sen. Chuck Winder argued that both measures were intended to show Idaho doesn’t plan to go the path of some surrounding states like Washington, where voters last fall legalized pot.

Boise Republican Sen. Curt McKenzie said the enforcement proposal contradicts the idea of states’ rights — a principle his party used to oppose federal health care and endangered species laws. McKenzie doubted how the resolutions would make Idaho safer.

The Senate endorsed the anti-marijuana measure 29-5.

The Associated Press



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