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Chan cancels Idaho exchange contract after outcry

The former Idaho insurance exchange board member who was awarded a no-bid contract worth up to $375,000 has canceled the deal after some lawmakers said it was inappropriate.

Members of Your Health Idaho’s board announced during a meeting Oct. 22 that Frank Chan canceled the contract on Oct. 21.

Exchange director Amy Dowd struck the deal with Frank Chan last week. Chan quit his volunteer board post to take the $180-per-hour consulting contract to oversee the development of a state insurance enrollment system.

When news of the deal went public, two lawmakers said they thought it was inappropriate and should be canceled.

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  1. bill@creativeindoorads.com

    Glad that this was acted upon quickly. Smelled very fishy. Ms. Dowd’s actions should also be investigated and possibly removed from her position, WITHOUT pay. Getting very sick and tired of politics as usual, and having been denied contracts with the State of Idaho, makes me very curious as to how certain contracts are awarded. Things that make you go, “hmmm…..”!!!