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Good Works: ISU gears up to further ‘green’ efforts


Thomas Landon, Michael Johns and Stephen McMichael stand next to one of the carts used to pick up recycled materials. Photo courtesy of Idaho State University.

Coca-Cola Company provided a $1,100 grant to Idaho State University Facilities Services, Associated Students of Idaho State University and the Green Up club to implement 350 new recycle bins, one in every classroom.

ISU Facilities Services began the recycling program three years ago. The program was run by custodians who took on the extra role of gathering recyclable materials daily and sorting it weekly.

The program has become such a success that one lead worker and two full-time employees have been hired to maintain the project. Each day, Stephen McMichael, Thomas Landon and Michael Johns pick up the recycling from each academic building and spend several hours sorting the recyclable materials.

“Since September 2012, we have recycled 85.85 tons of material,” said McMichael, the lead worker. “With the new recycle bins in every classroom, we expect a 20 percent increase in recycling.”

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