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Good Works: Idaho Dairy Council supports free school-wellness program

The Idaho Dairy Council selected 31 schools in Idaho to split more than $50,000 to help build their free school-wellness programs based on the Fuel Up to Play 60 initiatives, which encourage students to be physically active for 60 minutes a day. Schools across the country applied for the money.

In Idaho, schools will be using the money to create and promote new in-school breakfast opportunities for students, develop a taste-testing program to expose students to healthy new cafeteria food options and launch a walking club.

Star Elementary is using technology to increase awareness of the five food groups. The school purchased iPad Minis that the student leadership team will use to create infomercials, posters and QR code scavenger hunt signs. Filer High School intends to use the money to incorporate programs in each classroom for physical activity breaks and for use at assemblies.

The largest awards were $4,000 each to Moscow Junior High School and Star Elementary, $3,940 to Bridgewater Elementary in Idaho Falls, $3,813 to Minico High School in Rupert, $3,690 each to Filer High School and Wendell Middle School, $3,600 to Rigby High School, $3,500 each to Eagle Middle School and Heritage Middle School in Meridian, and $3,370 to Lincoln Elementary in Rexburg.

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