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Good Works: Dentist takes a week off to work

Dentist Eric Ballou recently spent a week in the Dominican Republic, providing basic dental care for several hundred people through the G3 Foundation. A team of dentists from the G3 Foundation were joined by six Dominican doctors to administer basic dentistry, like extractions, fillings, root canals and stainless steel crowns, as well as cosmetic dentistry, and restoration of damaged or discolored teeth.

Lake Harbor Dental, the practice Ballou shares with dentist Michael Peterson, donated the materials and equipment used to provide dental care in the Dominican Republic, including anesthetic, etch, bond, composite, surgical forceps and elevators. They also provided supplies, like gloves, masks and disinfectant wipes. Ballou donated his time and paid his own expenses during the trip.

The team trained the Dominican doctors in newer bonding techniques and most of the leftover materials and equipment were donated to them.

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