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ACLU appoints Leo Morales as interim director

The board of directors of the American Civil Liberties Union of Idaho has appointed Leo Morales as the interim director to oversee the organization as a new executive director is hired. As communications and advocacy director since 2011, Morales is part of the ACLU of Idaho’s senior leadership team and has helped make strategic decisions regarding the organization’s priority issues.

Before coming to the ACLU of Idaho, Morales was a senior staff member at a statewide grassroots organization challenging the state and federal government to fix the immigration system. Morales was also responsible for leading state campaigns to restore fundamental rights to low-income Idahoans and to improve access to Medicaid. His professional experience includes managing a staff of four and overseeing two executive director transitions.

“I am so pleased the board appointed Leo as interim director. Leo has been a critical member of the ACLU team and his expertise, connection with the community and ability to “stay the course” are important leadership qualities during this transition,” said departing Executive Director Monica Hopkins, “I can depart for my new position in D.C. with full confidence that the ACLU of Idaho is in good hands.”

The ACLU of Idaho will soon announce a job posting and protocol for applications to fill the vacancy of executive director.

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