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Banking: Christi Garcia

Garcia, Christi

Christi Garcia, Vice President and Community Banking District Manager, Wells Fargo, Coeur d’Alene. Photo by Christina G. Photography.

By the time she was in junior high she had already mapped out the next several years of her life, with the help of her father.

“We talked about the different options throughout high school and what steps I needed to take to make sure I had college paid for,” Garcia says. “Once I knew what I wanted I would strategize how to get there and what steps I needed to take.”

During her high school days, she took college courses and participated in basketball and softball – all with an eye on a college scholarship.

Her efforts earned her a full-ride scholarship to study at Gonzaga. Another goal was to study for a year in Ireland, which she did. Along the way she earned three majors: accounting, international business and history.

The oldest of eight girls, Garcia looks back and realizes that had something to do with her early accomplishments.

“I think that’s what truly motivated me to be a good example for all those little siblings and please the parents,” Garcia says.

Never one to rest on her laurels, she began her career at Wells Fargo and got married in the same month.

She began as a teller at Wells Fargo and later became a store manager. She is now a vice president and for the past five years she has been a district manager of 10 Wells Fargo locations throughout Idaho’s Panhandle, overseeing more than 80 team members.

Because she came through the ranks at Wells Fargo she feels she can relate to any employee she comes in contact with during her frequent travels throughout North Idaho.

“That’s why I love what I do,” she says. “I can help others reach their max potential.”

That philosophy is extended to her family, too. She and her husband, Gabriel, are raising six children that range from 1 to 16 years old.

“We’ve filled up the minivan,” she jokes.

And like her father did for her, she stresses to her children the importance of setting goals.

“My daughter, who is almost 12, has talked about running a farm since she was 5,” Garcia says. “Two years ago, we got the opportunity to move to a place where she can try that. She’d been talking about it – she wants to be a veterinarian – and so we’ve been planning what that career might look like.”

So her daughter, Ariana, like Garcia when she was younger, is setting goals and then achieving them.

“We got goats and chickens and she is 100 percent in charge of them,” Garcia says. “So she is learning a lot of responsibility: ‘This is on you. This is the choice you made.’”

Between her career and her family, it’s clear Garcia has her hands full.

And, true to form, if she finds time to focus on herself she remains on the move.

“If there’s ever any down time, I try to sneak in a run.”


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