Banking: Megan Poshka

Stephanie Schaerr Hansen//June 1, 2016//

Banking: Megan Poshka

Stephanie Schaerr Hansen//June 1, 2016//

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Poshka, Megan
Megan Poshka, Business Relationship Manager and Assistant Vice President, Wells Fargo, Boise. Photo by Pete Grady.

Almost since the day she learned about the business relationship manager position at Wells Fargo, Megan Poshka wanted it. Now, she is living the dream.

“I tried to get this role for six years,” she says. “It’s really fun.”

Day-to-day, Poshka finds creative ways to work with local businesses to establish and maintain their relationships with the bank, offering solutions like networking events and strategy sessions to her clients. To her, getting to know and understand her clients’ businesses, from manufacturing to nonprofit organizations, is one of the most exciting parts of her job.

Poshka came to Wells Fargo in 2004 after graduating with her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Whitworth College in Spokane, Wash. A family friend who worked for the bank told her about an opening making outbound sales calls at a location in Arizona, and she’s been with the bank ever since. After that first job, she moved into business financing and then into her current role in October 2014 after she and her husband moved back to Boise to be closer to family.

In nearly every role she’s taken on at Wells Fargo, Poshka has been recognized for performing head and shoulders above the rest. This year, she will be honored at an internal event for performing in the top 3 percent of her peers.

Those who work with her say that it’s her ability to think outside the box and develop ties to the community that bring about her success.

“While many financial industry professionals know the business of banking, few understand the importance of cultivating and maintaining broad-based relationships outside of direct business development,” says Molly Lenty, vice president and community relations manager for Wells Fargo, Idaho Region. “Megan is always willing to go the extra mile to engage in conversations and build relationships.”

To separate herself from the pack, Poshka is constantly looking for different ways to offer more value to her customers. For example, Poshka is especially proud of her work creating the Wells Fargo Women in Business Roundtable Discussions, a networking group she created for local female business leaders.

“It is exciting because it is an empowerment group,” she says. “I’m proud that I was able to successfully roll out a forum like that and people saw value in it.”

Beyond her work at the bank, Poshka is also passionate about her volunteer efforts in the community. She says she has seen firsthand how difficult life can be for families of those with serious medical ailments, so her work as a committee member and board member at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Idaho is especially meaningful to her.

For Poshka, it’s important to do more than attend board meetings – she likes to roll up her sleeves and engage in directly serving the families staying at the house.

“I do what I can so I can help anyone going through a hardship,” she says. “I find it most gratifying when I can meet the people that I’m helping.”

While Poshka works hard, she also plays hard. Poshka and her husband travel together often, and plan to visit Ireland this year to celebrate their sixth anniversary in the place where they got married. Last year, she ran her first marathon in Portland.

That sense of living life to its fullest extends to all areas of her life, from her work to her personal endeavors.

“I love thinking about the opportunities of, ‘Who am I going to meet today? What opportunities am I going to have to make new relationships?’” she says.