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Professional: Josh Tyree

Tyree, Josh

Josh Tyree, CPA and Partner, Harris & Co. PLLC, Boise. Photo by Pete Grady.

Josh Tyree, a certified public accountant and partner at Harris & Co. PLLC, makes a point to always remember how lucky he is.

That doesn’t mean he’s had it easy.

After struggling with ulcerative colitis for many years as a young man, he finally had no choice but to have his colon removed, and doctors discovered a tumor on his spine right around the same time. Because he was a student at the University of California, Santa Barbara at the time, his mother flew from Idaho to California to help her son recover from his surgeries and sit in for him during his classes.

“That all happened during college and when I first started my career, and it has all mellowed out. Now I just chase my two little boys around and work. Things are a lot easier,” he says.

With his health struggles behind him, Tyree finds joy in the time spent with his wife, Samantha, and sons Cole, 5, and Jackson, 3. He’s also enjoying professional success as a CPA at Harris & Co. Part of his role at the firm, where he became a partner at age 33, is to handle human resources. Friends and colleagues call him a true “people person.”

“The relationships with my coworkers are awesome. It makes it enjoyable. And then there’s the relationships with my clients,” says Tyree. “Those kinds of internal and external relationships are what have kept me in public accounting, and that’s probably the most enjoyable part.”

Tyree handles the assurance side of the business, which includes audits, reviews, financial statements and consulting. His work has helped Harris & Co. become one of the fastest growing accounting firms in Idaho, with 50 percent growth over the past several years. He also leads a service program at Harris & Co., called Helping Hands, which donates more than 200 hours of service and support to nonprofits throughout the Treasure Valley. Tyree says he learned the importance of service from his parents, who were both employed by the Boise School District. Although they both worked hard, his parents volunteered to coach nearly every team Tyree and his sister were involved. They took in one of his friends during his senior year of high school because he was struggling at home and loaned a truck to another friend who had just returned home from army service. Seeing his friends struggle during those years, and how his parents stepped up to help, has had a lasting impact on Tyree. To help troubled youth throughout the state, he volunteers his time at the Idaho Youth Ranch, where he is a board member and finance committee chairman.

“I watched what my two friends went through, and the different kids that come through the doors, and realize that I am very lucky. I had it really good. So I try and think about that all the time to keep myself grounded,” Tyree explains. “People can always use a hand.”


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