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Anna E. Eberlin, attorney, Holland and Hart LLP in Boise



Anna EberlinAttention to detail, anticipation, and organization gives Anna Eberlin, 35, her energy to be a skilled attorney, engaging speaker, prolific writer, and an involved mom to three children. She says: “I believe that everything I do becomes an example to others, especially to other woman. Being positive, compassionate, and well-rounded is how I live and work. I have great children and a successful career to show for it.”

At an early age, Eberlin had a fascination for architecture and for real estate. She remembers drawing house plans and asking her father for blueprint software. The interest eventually lead her to practicing real estate law.

Eberlin began her career as a construction and real estate litigator, but she says she “turned her career on its head” by moving from litigating problems to the more collaborative, deal-making work as a transactional attorney. Described by a mentor as a “rarity” for a young attorney, she handles litigation and transactional matters with the legal knowledge and good common sense well beyond her age.

“It’s about making the choice to act,” Eberlin says. “When you decide to act, you help bring about the kinds of changes that make you and the world around you better. This philosophy allows me to be a strong leader in my practice and within my community.” She also credits teamwork, dedication, delegation, reliance, and attitude as the keys to all of her accomplishments.

Her service to her community focuses on education, specifically with her work as a board member for Lee Pesky Learning Center and the Assistance League of Boise. Working with these two organizations, Eberlin can showcase the power of education and the difference teachers make. Whether serving as a volunteer or as a board member, colleagues admire her ability to roll up her sleeves and do what needs to be done. And for her, the work has given her great rewards. “How thrilled the children were when they picked their new back-to-school clothes during the Assistance League’s Operation School Bell program,” she says.

When asked about her favorite fictional lawyer, Eberlin laughingly admits, “I’m a huge fan of Alicia Florrick in The Good Wife. She’s portrayed as a smart, independent, cool lawyer handling tough cases, along with a few scandals, and she’s also a mother. It’s been fun to watch how she juggles both home and her professional life.”

Most memorable airplane trip: “(It was) when I flew with my three young children from Boise to meet my husband in San Diego. I planned and packed to the smallest detail. I memorized which pockets held each of their snacks. I anticipated all of their needs. All so that we and the other passengers could have a peaceful flight. It all went smoothly. We traveled very well without shedding too many tears.”








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