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David Arkoosh, owner, Law Office of David Arkoosh in Boise

David ArkooshDavid Arkoosh, 31, found a professional passion and turned it into a rewarding, fulfilling career that has aided in the rise of the Treasure Valley’s burgeoning craft beer and wine scene, as well as in helping other organizations.

Arkoosh started his own law practice that specializes in finding alternative financing for small businesses and organizations that can’t access capital in traditional ways.

“I really have always had a passion for small business and entrepreneurship,” Arkoosh says, “ but I don’t have any particularly great ideas. I help people build on theirs.”

Arkoosh probably is best known for advising and representing local breweries and wineries. He has helped them secure necessary financing so they can operate.

“Any time I see a new one pop up and see that industry grow or see an event that one of my clients is putting on, I feel some pride of ownership,” he says.

His successful work makes him worthy of another title.

“David is an entrepreneur,” says Kevin Learned, the director of Venture College at Boise State University. “It’s hard to start your own law firm. Few try and fewer are successful at it. Dave is one of the successful ones.”

Arkoosh’s situation is unique. After graduating from Gonzaga and working as an accountant, he found the lure of getting involved with small business too appealing.

“I got kind of tired of reporting and the historical analysis of accounting work and was more excited about planning and doing prospective work with business clients,” he says. “I saw a law degree as a path to get there, and for all intents and purposes, it has. It’s what I do every day.”

Arkoosh attended law school at the University of Idaho. He’s worked with many organizations, including the American Heart Association, and has founded some nonprofit organizations. The Bishop Kelly High School boys lacrosse booster club is an example. He’s on the board of directors for Idaho’s Bounty Co-op, Inc., a sustainable food and agricultural cooperative. He’s a member of the Rotary Club, too.

No matter the client, Arkoosh says he draws the most satisfaction from helping others.

“Every time we complete a project, especially financing for a client, I feel a huge sense of accomplishment,” he says. “With every engagement, there are certain milestones and you can see it even in your clients’ faces when you’re there and you’re finally done. The stress comes off their shoulders and they can go back to what makes them money. Every time that happens is a huge success.”

Learned says the future is even brighter for Arkoosh, who enjoys traveling and mountain biking when not helping small businesses and organizations.

“I predict years from now Dave will be the managing member of a significant law firm in our city,” Learned says.

“Whatever keeps me close to starting and growing businesses,” Arkoosh says, “whether it’s as counsel, advisor, director, founder, that’s where I want to be.”

Most memorable airplane trip: “My favorite flights are the ones where I arrive at the airport and take off around sunrise. The arc of your flight and trip aligns with the arc of your energy throughout the day. You know that you’ve got a whole day of adventure ahead of you.”

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