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Erik Estrada becomes reserve officer in St. Anthony

Erik EstradaErik Estrada, the man famous for his many years as a motorcycle cop on the hit ’80s TV series “CHiPs,” was sworn in July 2 as a reserve police officer in St. Anthony, near Rexburg.

Estrada plans to work with the St. Anthony police in protecting children from internet predators, city officials said. He has spent the past decade working with law enforcement departments in keeping kids safe online.

He said he chose St. Anthony as small rural communities prove more willing to quickly join forces with his organization. In larger cities, there is too much red tape and too many bureaucrats involved in trying to reach the mayor and police officials, he said.

“What happens in a big city — there is a tremendous amount of politics involved,” he said.

Estrada said he grew up wanting to be a police offer, but became an actor. He was 27 when he landed the role of California Highway Patrol motorcycle officer Frank “Ponch” Poncherello. He continued in that role from 1977 to 1983. After “CHiPs,” he continued acting and later became a reserve officer in Muncie, Ind.

He then formed a foundation to help educate and protect children from internet enticement.


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