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Erin Cave, manager, leadership and digital media, Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce


Erin CaveIf Erin Cave, 29, could go back in time nine years to when she first started at the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce she would tell herself to “speak up despite the fear.” Back then, Cave was an office assistant at the beginning of her career. Any trepidation was soon overshadowed by her desire to learn from, and to connect with, the volunteers and community leaders.

When a larger role opened up to her, Cave intuitively knew the time was right. She says: “Early on, I may have let some opportunities go by. But this time I didn’t hesitate. I just went for it.” And where she felt she needed more experience, Cave found the resources to teach herself coding, programming, and digital graphic design.

Cave has been credited with the success of Leadership Boise, the Chamber’s professional development program, and Leadership Boise Academy, a business mentoring experience for high school students. “After working with these involved and dedicated high school students, I’m confident that our future is in good hands,” she says.

Cave is relentless in her pursuit of finding innovative and creative ways for the Chamber to engage the community. Through her efforts, the Chamber and its programs reach more people all over the Treasure Valley. From bringing the Leadership Boise application process online to helping make business connections, her impact and contributions lead so many others on their own path to success.

Cave’s experience at the Chamber has instilled in her the quiet confidence of a well-respected leader.

She credits the volunteers for making her job easier. “The volunteers are my inspiration. They are a good part of the reason I love my job so much,” she says. “Right now, we’re wrapping up Leadership Boise. It’s wonderful to see how much people grow personally and professionally in a short time.”

Cave exemplifies graceful work-life balance making smooth transitions from work to home and home to work. As a mom of two daughters, she models what it means to work hard, have fun, and value what matters in life. “When my daughter was sick recently, I was able to go home and just be with her,” she says. “I want her to know that even though I love what I do, I can always be there when she needs me.”

Described by many as someone who is the first to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of others, Cave believes, “Women should lift each other up especially when they take risks to find what truly makes them happy.”

When asked who she’d really like to hang out with, she says: “It would have to be Chip and Joanna Gains from the television show, Fixer Upper.”

Most memorable airplane trip: “Last November, my boyfriend surprised me with a vacation. But wouldn’t tell me where we were going. The only thing he told me was to pack for warm weather. Even while we were taking off from Boise, I had no clue where we were headed. And it wasn’t until we were at our last connection when my mystery trip destination was revealed to be Mexico.”





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