Morgan Hoffman, co-founder/owner, We Love Boise Real Estate

Stephanie Schaerr Hansen//July 5, 2016//

Morgan Hoffman, co-founder/owner, We Love Boise Real Estate

Stephanie Schaerr Hansen//July 5, 2016//

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Morgan HoffmanThough she’s only 30 years old, Morgan Hoffman has 13 years of experience in the real estate world. She got her start working at an appraisal company part-time during high school, and took a job as a real estate assistant once she graduated at the age of 17.

“I didn’t necessarily intend real estate to be my path, but I fell in love with it and never looked back,” she says. “Every day is different in real estate. That had me hooked from the beginning.”

Getting her start at such a young age meant constantly fighting to be taken seriously by clients.
“I can’t tell you how many times people called me ‘sweetheart’ or ‘sweetie,’” she recalls. “I’m at a point now that I have more credibility, but that certainly was a big mountain to overcome initially.”

In fact, at 24, she was offered ownership of the real estate company she was working for in California. It was the No.1 real estate firm in San Diego, with $256 million in business that year. She turned down the offer to move back to Idaho, but she says the experience was a huge confidence booster for her. Today, she co-owns We Love Boise Real Estate, a boutique firm offering a wide range of services that is regularly honored as one of the top-producing teams in the Silvercreek Realty Group brokerage. They have been so successful that they mainly work by referral.

“Her reputation is the gold standard of Boise real estate,” says Will Hart, executive director of Idaho Consumer-Owned Utilities Association. “[She is a] purpose-driven woman who lives her life beyond self.”

And while she aims to service her clients to the highest degree, Hoffman is equally focused on giving back to the community, through both donations and volunteerism.

“Success to me really isn’t determined just by business,” she says. “It also is about the impact I leave on the community and people around me. Giving back to them is really important to me.”

As part of her focus on service, Hoffman volunteers for a variety of local organizations. She is currently gearing up to lead teams of volunteer painters for NeighborWorks Boise Paint the Town in June, with the goal to paint 50 houses in the Boise area for low-income and disabled homeowners in one day. Hoffman was chosen as vice chair of the event this year, which means she will be its chair in 2017. She also works with the Women and Children’s Alliance as a Hope Society Member and Ambassador, helping to raise funds for the organization in various ways. One of her creative solutions included working with the owner of her brokerage to create a donation option for each closed transaction so that the 900 agents of the firm can choose to donate a portion of their commissions to the WCA.

Even though she’s been working in real estate for years, Hoffman says it never gets old. She loves working on all sorts of projects, from selling multi-million dollar homes to helping first-time homebuyers find their first homes.

“It’s so exciting, and you feed off of that excitement,” she says. “I don’t even view it as work half of the time.”

For Hoffman, tenacity and communication skills have been vital to her success in both her real estate practice and volunteer work. She also prides herself on being relatable: she’s just as comfortable in a mobile home that needs a new paint job as she is in a million-dollar property she’s listing for sale.

Though her work and volunteerism keep her busy, Hoffman also tries to make time to go hiking with her girlfriends and spend time outside with her dog, Bear. In between, she’s currently training for two half-marathons she’ll be running this year.

Most memorable airplane ride: “When I was 12, I went to New York City for my birthday. That ride was so exciting. I was so excited to go to the big city, and it was the first plane ride I’d been on where I got a meal and a movie.”