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Matt Rissell, CEO, TSheets.com LLC in Eagle


Matt RissellAs described by Forbes, TSheets is an unsexy product – timesheet software for small business – in the nontech hotbed of Eagle. And CEO Matt Rissell, 39, wants to build it into a $30 billion company.

TSheets helps small businesses keep track of employee hours and then synchronizes with payroll and accounting systems such as QuickBooks. “We’re the No. 1 add-on for QuickBooks globally,” Rissell says.

Originally from Colorado, Rissell set the company up in Eagle – where he is currently its largest employer, with 110 employees — after moving to Idaho in 1999 and falling in love with the place. “When we went to build TSheets in 2008, we could have built it anywhere in the world, but we chose Eagle because it’s the best place on the planet,” he says. “In my mind, it had everything you need. I shop online. It has everything I want in a city, the outdoors are close by, and it’s a great place to live.”

The sort of problems that keep Rissell up at night are the ones that lots of companies would like to have: How to continue doubling the size of his company every year. “I live, eat, breathe, and drink ‘How do we grow faster?’” he says. “It’s always fun to win. I don’t care if you love baseball, if you lose every frickin’ game it’s not very much fun. And we’re kicking ass right now.”

Outside of work, Rissell spends time with his wife and three children doing outdoor activities. “We spend a lot of time at soccer and baseball games,” he says. He also hunts elk with a compound bow. “My kids have grown up with it,” he says. “They see a deer or an elk and they say, ‘Daddy, go get him!’” In addition, he has served as the chair of the Idaho Technology Council and is still on the executive committee.

While some tech companies have reported having trouble recruiting employees in Idaho, Rissell says it’s not a problem. “Zero,” he says. For three open positions, he got a hundred resumes. “We’ve been called the No. 1 best place to work in Idaho two years in a row,” he says. “They work their face off and have fun while they do it. So far, knock on wood, recruiting is good.”

So what’s next for TSheets? “We’ve had several publicly-traded household brand names try to acquire us,” Rissell says. “We’re doubling every year, having fun, and we think we can sustain that. We’re delusional enough to think we can capture a global market. What better place to do that than Eagle, Idaho?”

Most memorable airplane trip: “Considering I’m a pilot, it was the first time I flew solo. I’ll never forget it. I was scared to death. Every bump felt like I was going to fall out of the sky.”

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