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Allison Parker, Associate, Hawley Troxell Ennis & Hawley in Boise

allison-parkerAllison Parker is an associate at Hawley Troxell, but her road to becoming a lawyer is paved with housekeeping, skiing and real estate. She was living in the Teton Valley, making money as a housekeeper, and skiing whenever she got the chance, when the real estate bubble crashed. It made a profound impression on Parker. The empty and abandoned houses and developments presented an eerie, “zombie”-like tableau. She decided to go into the law arena to do something about it. And, while she’s kept her determination, somewhere along the way she traded her passion of fighting for one type of property for another.

Today, she works on the firm’s patent team where she manages and develops intellectual property portfolios for clients. Her client list includes “one of the largest organic fertilizer manufacturers in the United States, a Fortune 1,000 software company, a manufacturer of agricultural conveyer trailers, and a start-up developing mobile data collection applications for the agricultural industry,” she says. She rates what she is doing as among her most significant professional accomplishments.

Parker says her father, who passed away almost 10 years ago, “remains the most important influence in my life. He taught me the importance of ambition coupled with kindness, of hard work coupled with empathy. … From my father, I’ve learned that by practicing law with a spirit of service and a desire for personal and professional development, I can serve my clients while serving my community,” she says. “He taught me how important it is to just be kind.”

In addition to her work on the patent team, Parker uses her position “to support the development of young people, especially young women, as professionals in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers.”

In recommending Parker for this award, Nicholas G. Miller, managing partner at Hawley Troxell, calls her development “exemplary” and wrote he is “impressed with her legal knowledge and community spirit.” In addition, Philip McKay, who heads up the intellectual property practice at Hawley Troxell – and is, says Parker, her mentor – wrote highly of her in a separate letter of recommendation. On top of praising her for having “a very positive attitude and a generous soul,” he wrote: “Allison’s dedication to the practice of law and to Idaho’s intellectual property community continues to impress me.”

Parker sees a bright future. “Career-wise, as the Treasure Valley gets more and more technology companies, intellectual property will grow and there will be more of a demand for intellectual property services.”

In her spare time, Parker shows horses in the Reined Cow Horse tradition – “the triathlon” of cutting, reining, and controlling a cow through horseback riding. In addition, she is training for the Weiser River 50K Relay & Ultra race with her half border collie, half husky puppy, Junebug. And her biggest personal accomplishment so far, says Parker, is her marriage to Jeff Roelke. “We met when I was 19 – we celebrate our nine-year anniversary this year.”

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