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Gabriel Hamilton, Associate, Holland and Hart LLP in Boise

gabriel-hamiltonGabriel Hamilton likes to be the first at things. Yes, the Commonwealth Scholar earned top law school honors by graduating first in his class from the University of Texas School of Law, and he’s earned first class accolades as an Idaho Business Review Accomplished Under 40 honoree.

But he also likes being the one that figures things out first.

“I really enjoy being a part of planning new things and solving new problems,” Hamilton says. “And I enjoy being a partner on the front end where you have a white piece of paper and you can think with your client about what their goals are and how to achieve those goals.”

Hamilton broke ground and paved new paths in diverse areas of practice that enabled him to grow a regional practice in assisting insurance companies with compliance issues in an ever changing regulatory environment.

He helped build one in Idaho first, as a key legal team member involved in the establishment of the Idaho Health Insurance Exchange, and he also helped Olympians win first place feats.

“This was an exciting opportunity to be on the cutting edge of something entirely new

both in Idaho and nationwide,” Hamilton says of his work on the health exchange where he assisted in developing the analysis, legislative review, and compliance of the exchange.

And Hamilton’s firsts don’t end there.

When you think of the Olympic Games, you probably don’t think about lawyers, but for Hamilton, Olympic wins come after legal wins.

He represented multiple athletes in selection challenges to compete in the Olympic Games. For the 2016 Rio Games, he successfully defended members of the U.S. women’s cycling team that went on to medal and earn top rankings.

When Hamilton wins, his clients come out at the top but he’s learned that wins can’t come at the loss of something else.

“Success in one aspect of life should not come at the expense of something else. I

can’t do everything, but I try to make room in my life for the things I find most meaningful,” he says.

For Hamilton, that means finding meaning from many things in his life and balancing professional work, volunteer work, family, sports and other recreational activities.

“By keeping a healthy balance, these become positively re-enforcing. I’m a better lawyer by

being a better father and husband. I’m a better father and husband by being more engaged in activities, and vice-versa,” he says.

Hamilton says he learned a lot about balance through his work with Olympic Gold Medalist and Boise cyclist, Kristin Armstrong.

“I saw firsthand what she meant when she referred to balance – balancing work, personal goals and family,” Hamilton says, “(It was) her secret weapon in her unprecedented third consecutive victory in the Olympic women’s time trial at the 2016 Rio Olympics. I’ve certainly found that maintaining balance is key to my success.”

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