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Krista McIntyre, Partner, Stoel Rives LLP in Boise

krista-mcintyreCuriosity is an essential characteristic for Krista McIntyre. It’s an important part not only of who she is but of what makes her successful as a lawyer and a leader.

McIntyre is a partner at Stoel Rives LLP, heading up its Environment, Land Use, and Natural Resources Practice Group. The group consists of 63 attorneys spread through 11 offices in seven states. She serves on the nine-person executive committee for Stoel Rives, helping oversee the entire firm’s planning and operations. She’s the most knowledgeable air quality lawyer in Idaho, according to a Chambers USA survey, and she advises some of the most prominent businesses in the state.

One of her favorite parts of her job is strapping on her work boots and exploring the places where her clients’ industry happens.

“I’m curious about what [clients] make and what they do,” she says. “I’m curious about how a tree becomes a piece of paper and how a mineral in the ground becomes an ingredient in detergent. I love going through facilities.”

Her genuine interest in their businesses helps clients open up to her and trust her advice. It also makes her smarter, she says, in analyzing how environmental rules apply to what each business does.

McIntyre’s father was the one who set her on her path to becoming an attorney. After college she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do, and he suggested law school. From there, she found a way to combine something she loved – the outdoors – with a career opportunity, and she grew from there.

While the leadership responsibilities and environmental law situations she navigates are complex, from McIntyre’s viewpoint her job is simple.

“I get to help people,” she says. “That really is what I think about every day. It’s challenging and rewarding, and I have the opportunity to help not only clients solve their problems, but also in my leadership position with the firm, I get to help my colleagues.

“People come to me because they’re stuck – either with environmental law, where they need help figuring out how to make a rule work for them … or with colleagues. Sometimes they’re stuck with an interpersonal conflict, or a challenge with the firm, or they’re not happy with something that’s going on. I appreciate that they come to me and I have the chance to help them get unstuck.”

She’s like her father in that way, and she says he would be proud of the leadership recognition she didn’t seek but has received.

A Stoel Rives colleague, Nicole Hancock, describes McIntyre as “one of the strongest and most pivotal leaders” at the firm.

“It is hard to capture all that she does because she truly champions others without any regard to recognition for herself,” Hancock wrote in a letter recommending her for this award. “It is truly inspirational to see how she operates and how she is driven by a desire to affect her world in such positive ways. … It is Krista’s creativity, energy, innovation and motivation that makes the firm want her in so many of our key leadership roles. She simply makes us better just because she is one of us.”

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