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Matthew Bradshaw, Attorney, Holland & Hart LLP in Boise

matt-bradshawThough he’s closed more than $1 billion in mergers and acquisitions so far in his short career, Matt Bradshaw says the most gratifying part of his legal work is helping family businesses navigate their legal issues.

“I really love the mentoring side of being a lawyer and talking to people who are just trying to figure something out and don’t know where to start or what step to take next,” he says. Bradshaw is known by friends and colleagues as someone who’ll always take the time to help someone who needs a little bit of guidance.

Growing up on a family farm west of Blackfoot, Bradshaw learned the value of getting to work early and working late to get things done. “If I try to pinpoint a life philosophy, largely it’s the attributes I learned as a farm kid,” he says.

He has a distinct memory of his father sitting him down and telling him he was meant for great things, which lit a fire in him to see what he could make of himself. “I am kind of obsessed with the concept of potential,” he says.

In childhood he also learned about trust and honesty. “I grew up with handshake deals made in the middle of a hay field or in the horse corral,” he says. ”When you said something, you meant it and stood by it.”

Today, two years into his time at Holland & Hart, Bradshaw spends more than half of his time on mergers and acquisitions, about a third on real estate and leasing transactions, and the rest on general corporate governance work. He’s quickly developed a reputation for excellence, and many clients request him by name and refuse to work with anyone else, according to partner Alison G. Johnson.

Bradshaw says that variety in his practice is a big reason he decided to come back to Idaho after law school at William & Mary in Virginia, rather than going to a bigger city. “Everyday my phone rings and I don’t know if it’s a client with an issue or something good to say,” he says. “You just never know what you’re going to get.”

Looking forward, Bradshaw hopes to become a partner in the firm in a few years and further ingrain himself into the Boise community through his legal practice as well as his civic work. He is well on his way: currently, he serves as a mentor at Boise State University’s Venture College and at Junior Achievement of Idaho, and is an advisory board member on the new food and agricultural industry group at the Boise Chamber of Commerce.

But Bradshaw is not just a lawyer — he has an entrepreneurial side dating back from his time as an undergrad at Brigham Young University, where he built a few side businesses while earning his business degree. Today, he operates a small practice consulting for a prosthodontics office and creates family-friendly board games, card games and group games with his siblings. They hope to release their first game to the public in just a few months.

With a wife and three young children at home, Bradshaw says he doesn’t have much time to himself these days, but wouldn’t have it any other way. He and his family enjoy spending time outside, horseback riding or driving ATVs around in the desert.

“I want to be the best father and husband I can, and take those quiet times to talk to my kids and instill in them the same things my parents instilled in me,” he says.

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