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Nampa deputy fire chief’s wrongful termination lawsuit dismissed

U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill has dismissed the lawsuit filed by former Nampa Deputy Fire Chief Doug Strosnider after Strosnider and the city reached a $750,000 settlement, the Idaho Press-Tribune reported.

Strosnider filed the wrongful termination lawsuit after he was fired in 2014. Nampa Mayor Bob Henry and Nampa Fire Chief Karl Malott were both initially named in the lawsuit.

In early September, attorneys for Strosnider agreed to dismiss both Henry and Malott as named defendants, according to city spokeswoman Vickie Holbrook.

The Idaho Counties Risk Management Program led the settlement to limit the costs and distraction associated with lengthy litigation, Holbrook said. The program will pay for the settlement and the expense does not come out of the city’s operating budget or funding.

Strosnider’s attorneys will receive $300,000 of the $750,000 settlement, Holbrook said.

In the settlement agreement, Nampa denies any liability or wrongdoing regarding Strosnider’s allegations in his lawsuit, according to the city.

Strosnider’s lawsuit claimed he was fired after he expressed safety concerns about two apartment buildings, Golden Glow Towers and Landmark Towers, and he assigned two of his deputy fire marshals to inspect and investigate the buildings.

Strosnider claimed he also raised concerns about possible discrimination against people with disabilities at one of the apartments. He alleged that representatives from Golden Glow told a deputy fire marshal that the apartment did not allow totally blind or deaf individuals to live in the building.

In exchange for the settlement payment, Strosnider agreed to dismiss his lawsuit

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