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Governor Otter names new state appellate public defender

Eric FredericksenEric Fredericksen has been appointed to the position of state appellate public defender.

Fredericksen, who earned his law degree from the University of Idaho, had been interim SAPD since Sara Thomas left the agency in July to become administrative director of Idaho’s State Courts.

The SAPD oversees a legal staff that handles appeals for indigent defendants who have been convicted of felonies. In capital cases, where a death sentence is involved, the SAPD handles appeals from district court for post-conviction relief as well as direct appeals of convictions.

Fredericksen joined the Office of the State Appellate Public Defender after earning in his law degree in 2002, working as a deputy and senior attorney before leaving the office in May 2012 to join a small private law firm. He returned to the office in September 2014 and was serving as chief of the SAPD’s Appellate Unit when Sara Thomas left.

Fredericksen has handled over 1,000 criminal appeals and is responsible for 89 published opinions.


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