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Packed crowd for Idaho climate change hearing

The Idaho Statehouse.

The Idaho Statehouse. Rep. Ilana Rubel, D-Boise, held an event about climate change March 15 after she was denied permission to hold a legislative hearing on the issue earlier this year. More than 500 people attended her event at the Statehouse. File photo.

A Boise Democrat who was blocked by a key Republican lawmaker from holding a legislative hearing on climate change succeeded in securing more than 500 attendees when she decided to host her own event at the Idaho Capitol.

Rep. Ilana Rubel said House Environment, Energy and Technology Chairman Dell Raybould denied her request to hold an informational event on the effects of climate change in Idaho earlier this year. ilana-rubelInstead, Raybould said he would support Rubel holding her own event not connected to the committee.

At the same time, the House and Senate education panels stripped several climate change references in new science standards for public schools.

On March 15, hundreds of Idahoans filled the Legislature’s largest hearing room — as well as three overflow areas — to listen to a variety of experts talk about climate change.

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