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Flynner Design and Build is now Goodwell-certified

Builder Scott Flynn, owner of Flynner Homes, in front of a house he built in Boise that generates as much energy as it uses. The house draws its energy from solar panels. Photo by Patrick Sweeney.

Scott Flynn, owner of Flynner Design and Build, in front of a house he built in Boise that generates as much energy as it uses. Flynn announced April 24 that his company has become certified by Goodwell, a Boise-based organization that grades companies on metrics based on fair treatment of workers. File photo.

Flynner Design and Build is the second organization to receive certification from the Boise coalition Goodwell, which seeks to improve the treatment of workers around the world.

Goodwell grades companies on 11 metrics such as how many employees make wages below the poverty level, and pay disparities between women and men. A company that scores well in the 11 categories can be certified.

Companies pay $150 in annual dues and $10 per employee per year in order to keep the certification.

“Pete Gombert (founder of Goodwell) is one of the main drivers for why I am involved,” said Scott Flynn, owner of Flynner Design and Build. “He is successful, but also totally down to earth. He could be anywhere including drinking mai tais on the beach, but this is what he chooses to do and that is an amazing quality.”

Flynner Design and Build has two full-time employees and works with more than 100 contractors. Flynn said he sought Goodwell certification because he believes it will help attract the type of customers and employees he wants.

“I believe this is the direction that businesses need to be heading,” Flynn said. “This will help to attract the type of quality clients we want.”

He added that he also thinks it might correct some of the conditions that lead to inequality and extreme poverty.

“If everyone followed this, they would eradicate poverty and the horrific conditions that a lot of people in the world face,” Flynner said of Goodwell. “(Gombert is) really trying to expose some of the biggest companies in the world who are exploiting some of the poorest people in the world. This is eliminating exploitation. We all know there needs to be a gradient of wealth and hierarchy, but not at the extremes we have today.”

The City of Boise was the first organization to become Goodwell-certified. Goodwell has a dozen more certified companies that it has said it will announce May 11 at Trailhead in Boise.

“I think what this really does is make you check to see if you are outside of what society wants to be normal,” Flynn said. “Nobody wants to see the average employee making $45,000 a year while the CEO makes $6 million. That’s just off-balance by today’s standards.”

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