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‘Worst city flag in North America’ headed for makeover in Pocatello

An eastern Idaho city with a flag labelled as the worst city flag in North America in a 2015 TED talk may be one step closer to a new flag.

Pocatello’s Flag Design Ad-Hoc Committee will recommend the new “MountainsLeft” flag design, which features three red mountain peaks and a compass rose, the Idaho State Journal reported .
The flag was chosen over five other finalists and was among the 709 ideas submitted in the city’s Flag Design Contest. The community had a chance to rate each final design on a 0.5 to 5 star scale. The MountainsLeft flag got 683 5-star ratings.

The existing flag of Pocatello. File photo.

The existing flag of Pocatello. File photo.

“If the Council gives the committee direction to adopt the flag, a resolution will be drafted and the council would vote on the resolution at regular meeting,” said committee chairman Logan McDougall.
The mountains represent the Scout Mountain, Kinport Peak and Chinese Peak, and they also represent industry, recreation and education, according to the flag’s description. The compass rose symbolizes the city’s role as a trade and transportation hub for rail, road and air. It meets with a mountain peak to form an abstract arrow, which is meant to acknowledge the area’s Native American history.
The flag’s gold and blue colors stand for agriculture and the sky and a blue line near the bottom of the flag stands for the Portneuf River.
Pocatello’s existing flag features two purple mountains, yellow and red text that reads “Proud to Be Pocatello” and copyright message from the Greater Pocatello Chamber of Commerce. It was part a 2015 Ted Talk by digital storyteller Roman Mars, who centered his talk on how to better design city flags.
McDougall hopes that residents will support the MountainsLeft flag design if it is adopted.
“Just like any piece of art or design, some will like it, others will not,” McDougall said. “But into the future, it’s my hope that the flag of Pocatello will be something that the community can rally around.”

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