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Nampa won’t sell Idaho Center land

Nampa City Council voted on Jan. 16 not to sell surplus property near the Idaho Center. So a manufacturing facility hoping to locate there will need to find a different site.

photo of Beth Ineck

Beth Ineck

“We had been approached by a couple of companies about siting a manufacturing facility in the area,” said Beth Ineck, Nampa’s economic development director. The parcel, which was first 17 acres and then reduced by a lot-line adjustment to 16.26 acres, was further reduced to 10 acres after it was ascertained that events at the horse park outside Idaho Center often used the parcel even when it wasn’t officially part of the event, she said. To begin the process, the parcel was declared surplus in November, and a public hearing was held on January 16 was to determine whether the city would sell 10 acres, 16.26 acres, or nothing.

Now that the council has voted not to sell the property, the unnamed company – which was new to Nampa and could have brought the area at least 40 food processing jobs – is “back to square one,” Ineck said. Another company that approached the city about the property had put its project on hold internally, she said.

Newly elected Nampa mayor Debbie Kling, formerly the Nampa Chamber of Commerce’s CEO, said she wants to revitalize an Idaho Center citizens’ advisory committee that went dormant when the center switched management companies, Ineck said. “One thing that came out very clearly is that the city needs to generate resources for capital improvements” to the 20-year-old facility, she said.

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