Arby’s will build a second location in Nampa

Teya Vitu//January 29, 2018

Arby’s will build a second location in Nampa

Teya Vitu//January 29, 2018

The second Arby's in Nampa will have a similar look to this one. Photo courtesy of U.S. Beef.
The second Arby’s in Nampa will look similar to this one. Photo courtesy of U.S. Beef.

Nampa will get a second Arby’s on 12th Avenue at the former Pizza Hut site near Northwest Nazarene University.

PETRA Inc. of Meridian started construction on Jan. 9 and the opening is expected in April. PETRA also built the Arby’s that opened in Eagle in November.

The two Arby’s are the first that franchise holder United States Beef of Tulsa, Oklahoma, has built in Idaho. The development agreement with Arby’s calls for a third new Arby’s to be built in Idaho by 2021 with the likely location in northwest Meridian, said Lynn Conard, vice president of real estate at U.S. Beef.

Conard is hoping the additional Treasure Valley stories will build exposure for Arby’s in a region where performance has “perplexed” Conard.

“The average volume isn’t as high as we think it should be,” she said.

Nampa will be only the fourth city in Idaho with two Arby’s along with Boise, Lewiston and Idaho Falls. In all, Arby’s has 20 stores in Idaho in 17 cities, though U.S. Beef owns only  half of them.

The first Nampa Arby’s opened on Caldwell Boulevard in 2004.

“We’re not looking at other franchises in Idaho,” Conard said. “If somebody is interested in selling, we’d be willing to look at it.”

U.S. Beef owns 10 of the Arby’s in Idaho. It acquired seven locations in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Twin Falls, Chubbuck and Pocatello in a single acquisition of 47 Arby’s in Idaho, Colorado and Wyoming in Dec. 2013. U.S. Beef acquired two Arby’s in Coeur d’Alene and Hayden in May 2017 while acquiring two franchises in Washington with 10 Arby’s, including the two in northern Idaho.

U.S. Beef is the largest franchisee for Arby’s with 365 stores in nine states in an east-to-west continuous band: Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Washington. Overall, Arby’s has 3,367 stores in 48 states and seven countries.