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Idaho Business Review launches awards program for experienced execs

Executive business womanThe business world is full of successful leaders who deserve to be recognized for their accomplishments. For years, the Idaho Business Review has honored women leaders, those who are at the top of their profession in law and finance, CEOs, and leaders who are Accomplished Under 40.

The ICON Awards are for the business leaders who are in a class of their own: the pioneers and change-makers who did things first and continue to kick-start change. They are over the age of 50, have helped Idaho’s business community grow and they continue to champion their industry through professional creativity, innovation and leadership.

They will be recognized for their notable success and demonstration of strong leadership both within and outside of their chosen field. Nominations are now open. The application deadline is May 18. Winners will be honored during an awards reception August 7, and will be profiled in a publication inserted in Idaho Business Review August 10. Winners will be announced on June 8.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must have a long-standing commitment to Idaho’s business community through service in government, professional or nonprofit organizations.
  • Must have a sustained commitment to community service and mentoring.
  • Must be 50 years old or more to qualify as of August 1.
  • Nominees may be in the workforce or retired.
  • Must hold or have held a senior management-level position with significant authority in decision-making for their organization.

About Jeanne Huff

Jeanne Huff is the special sections editor at IBR, editor of Women of the Year, Accomplished Under 40, CEOs of Influence, Money Makers, Leaders in Law, Corporate Guide to Event Planning as well as editor of custom publications including Welcome to Boise, Dining Decisions, Idaho Heartland Living and Travelog.