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Yellowstone fee proposal passes Wyoming Legislature vcv

The Wyoming Legislature has passed a proposal to collect a fee at Yellowstone National Park to fund wildlife conservation efforts in the states surrounding the park.

The measure, which also involves neighboring Grand Teton National Park, was approved March 8 and now goes to Gov. Matt Mead for his consideration.

Proponents say the idea is to generate money for Wyoming, Montana and Idaho to deal with issues like wildlife collisions, disease and migration routes.

The Wyoming resolution does not specify how the fee would be assessed or what the amount would be.

Since only the federal government can impose fees in national parks, the resolution seeks to start a conversation between the three states and federal officials.

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  1. The “tax” which is suggested, would it cost us disabled with lifetime park passes an extra amount at the gate? It would seem each State mentioned would be responsible for their own area. Asking a visitor from another State or Country isn’t fair to those who do not live in any of the before mentioned State. I live in Montana and would scream bloody murder if I had to pay an extra fee for another States wildlife management efforts. This is NOT fair, and just plain stupid!