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Treasure Valley officials sign Pride banners

(l-r) Andrew Bunt of Boise Pride Fest, Council Members TJ Thomson, Lisa Sánchez, Holli Woodings (with her daughter),  Elaine Clegg,  Lauren McLean, Scot Ludwig; Chelsea Gaona Lincoln of Add the Words Idaho; former State Sen. Nicole LeFavour; State Sen.  Cherie Buckner-Webb; Joe Kibbe of Boise Pride Fest, State Sen. Maryanne Jordan. Photo courtesy of City of Boise.

On June 1, members of the Boise City Council, joined by State Sen. Maryanne Jordan and Cherie Buckner-Webb, and representatives of Boise Pride Fest and Add the Words Idaho, signed one of the 50 #iamboise Pride banners that are being displayed in downtown Boise in recognition of Pride Month. The banner will be added to the LGBT History Archives, a part of the Special Collections and Archives at Boise State University.

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