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Idaho Credit Union League formalizes NWCUA merger

The merger between the Idaho Credit Union League (ICUL) and the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) is now final after a positive vote from a majority of its 184 members.

The organization, which now represents credit unions from Oregon and Washington as well as Idaho, did not release the vote count, but it was “clearly overwhelming,” said Lynn Heider, vice president of public relations for the NWCUA.

The next step is for the groups to create a merged board of directors, which is expected to add three Idaho members. “The boards of directors for ICUL and NWCUA will remain intact until December 31,” Heider said. Sometime between now and then – likely probably after the organization’s convention, scheduled for October 16-18 in Tacoma, Washington – the organization will release information about the NWCUA Board of Directors, because election of officers happens at the convention, she said.

The ICUL started talking with the NWCUA about a merger in January 2017. The two groups started a two-year management agreement for 2017 and 2018. After the first year worked out well, the boards of the two organizations agreed in December to merge, effective December 2018.

Members pay an annual fee depending on size. Services include training in areas such as compliance, loans, and deposits, as well as advocacy on the state and national level.

The NWCUA formed about seven years ago through a similar merger between credit union leagues in Oregon and Washington. As of January, the vast majority of eligible credit unions in the three states were members.

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