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Idaho pharmacies run low on shingles vaccine

Some Idaho residents may have to wait until next year to get the new shingles vaccine.

The Idaho Statesman reports the vaccine, Shingrix, has been on high demand nationwide since it was released in February. That’s caused a lack of inventory for many pharmacies.

Robert Boulier with Ladd Family Pharmacy in Boise says he’s had people coming in daily to request the vaccine. The vaccine requires two injections, given two to six months apart, so Boulier’s pharmacy is now prioritizing their limited supply for patients who seeking their second shot.

Many pharmacies have started wait lists for the vaccine. The CDC says manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline has increased its supply for the year and aims to meet the demand, but shortages will likely continue through December.

The CDC says shingles affects about 1 million people a year. It occurs when someone who has previously had chicken pox experiences a reactivation of the virus, which then causes a rash and nerve pain.


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