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D.L. Evans Bank opens its first Utah branch

Burley-based D.L. Evans banks has opened its first out-of-state branch in Tremonton, Utah, 22 miles south of the Idaho state line at the junction of Interstate 84 and 15.

The Magic Valley bank, established in 1904 in Albion, has spent the 21st century expanding into neighboring regions. D.L. Evans has grown to 31 branches since 1979, when the bank had the single office in Albion.

D.L. Evans first arrived in Boise in 2000 and eastern Idaho in 2004.

Tremonton is just a 1-hour-20-minute drive from Burley, D.L. Evans President and CEO John V. Evans Jr. noted, and the bank already had many customers in far northern Utah.

Evans is eager to expand the bank’s territory beyond the area between Boise and Idaho Falls.

“We have some possible opportunities in north Idaho,” Evans said. “We want to get a number of branches in Utah. We don’t have any plans to enter Nevada right now.”

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