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The Fowler sprouts a mural

By the end of August, a mural should be completed on the back wall of The Fowler apartments. Photo by Teya Vitu.

A mural is brightening the largely blank back wall of the new The Fowler apartments in downtown Boise where there is a sparse scattering of windows and lots of dark gray.

What may be the back wall for the apartments is the front wall for drivers on Myrtle Street.

“We read some of the criticism in the news,” said Patrick Boel, director of construction at LocalConstruct, the Los Angeles developer of The Fowler at Broad and Fifth streets. “We deeply care about the design. We care about the impact we are having in this community.”

LocalConstruct again brought in Camas, Washington, artist David Carmack Lewis for the 103-foot-wide mural that will cover about 40 percent of the wall. Lewis also painted the mural at Local Construct’s The Watercooler Apartments at 14th and Idaho streets.

The Fowler mural will depict historic hours, sky and a mountain silhouette. Image courtesy of LocalConstruct.

Lewis started painting July 20 intending to finish in 30 days. The mural will depict silhouetted mountains and the historic homes that once stood on the site of The Fowler. The mural sky will merge with the real sky and help soften the mass of the structure, Boel said.

LocalConstruct was caught off-guard by the public backlash at the plain, seven-story, block-long wall.

“We never considered how that looks driving on Myrtle,” Boel acknowledged. “We had considered some options on that side very early on but nothing ever came of it.”

The mural cost $60,000, Boel said. first reported the painting of the mural.

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  1. Teya, thanks for the article but a couple of corrections are necessary. The mural will actually be more than 150′ across. The 103′ foot measurement came from a typo that should have said 130′, before I realized it was even longer. Finally, I am from Portland, OR, not Camas, WA, although a gallery in Camas does show some of my oil paintings. Thanks.