D.L. Evans Bank replaces its Rigby branch with new building

Teya Vitu//July 27, 2018//

D.L. Evans Bank replaces its Rigby branch with new building

Teya Vitu//July 27, 2018//

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D.L Evans Bank is in the early stages of construction of a new branch in Rigby in eastern Idaho. Photo by Teya Vitu.

Burley-based D.L. Evans Bank opened its first Rigby branch in December 2016 and by early this year had decided to replace it with a bigger structure.

D.L. Evans started construction at the end of June on a new 5,716-square-foot branch to replace the 3,000-square-foot structure used for the first year and a half. The new branch will open in January, President and CEO John V. Evans Jr. said.

“We hired exceptional bankers in Rigby,” Evans said. “They have done an exceptional job bringing us customers. We have grown a remarkable amount.”

Evans had a sense Rigby would work out well, opening with seven or eight employees rather than the usual three or four. Rigby now has 11 employees, he said.

The architect is erstad Architects of Boise. The general contractor is Construction Solutions of Idaho Falls.

D.L. Evans early this year also opened its first out-of-state branch in Tremonton, Utah, a 1-hour-20-minute drive from Burley, Evans said, adding that D.L. Evans already had many customers in far northern Utah.

The Rigby and Tremonton branches came about because bankers in those communities approached Evans to open branches in those cities.

“We found some great bankers,” he said. “There is a real shortage of bankers.”

D.L. Evans has another branch under construction in Fruitland that is expected to open late this year.

D.L. Evans Banks has 31 branches in southern Idaho. The bank was established in Albion in 1904. Evans is eager to expand the bank’s territory beyond Boise and Idaho Falls.

“We have some possible opportunities in north Idaho,” Evans said. “We want to get a number of branches in Utah. We don’t have any plans to enter Nevada right now.”