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Boise passes stationless bike regulations

Boise City Council has unanimously passed limits on stationless bike and electric scooter shares.

The Idaho Press-Tribune reports the final version of the ordinance, passed August 22, will allow several companies to operate in the city, but will cap the number of bikes, e-bikes and e-scooters brought into Boise at 750 total.

The city also proposes a $5,000 annual operator fee, an annual charge of $100 per device placed in the city plus a $20 security deposit per device. The city would use the security deposit fund to pay for moving the bikes, scooters or e-bikes to appropriate locations or removing them.

The city would charge the company $100 per bike or scooter moved. For every day the devices have to be kept in city storage beyond 30 days, companies will be charged $5.


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  1. Thanks city hall, now we will have to pay more for a superior service to the docked bikes. The docked bikes are loosers on every level. They are inconvenient and the app is garbage. This is protectionist legislation. The fes impossed on the dockless bikes just for operation are ridiculous. Sure fine them when they are a problem but heftty fees for just existing is protectionist ****.