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A note from the editor: I’m a bit tired but very happy to be here

If you’re a longtime Idaho Business Review subscriber, you’re probably squinting at this page, thinking, “Wait, that’s not Anne Wallace Allen. Isn’t that the woman who replaced special sections editor Jeanne Huff? And didn’t she just write a column in one of the magazines that starts almost exactly the same way?”

Yes, all of this is true. The IBR has gone through a lot of exciting – and for me somewhat terrifying – changes over the past few months.

Here’s quick overview of the long and winding road I took to get to this column: In February, I left my job as a K-12 education reporter at the Albuquerque Journal for a trade industry publication in Denver. In April, Anne, who I’d met previously, called out of the blue to ask if I was interested in joining IBR as special sections editor. Anne is awesome, so of course, I accepted. Then in July, Anne gave notice to return to her East Coast homeland as an investigative business reporter. I was promoted to IBR editor on Sept. 6.

And, for those who have inquired about the fabulous Jeanne Huff, she is still a successful and super stylish editor in the Treasure Valley.

Do you follow all that? It’s a lot for me to keep track of too. In 2018, I’ve lived in three states and held four different jobs. Though this year has been a bit chaotic, it’s the good kind of chaos – creative, rejuvenating and full of possibilities. I am very excited to take the helm at IBR and introduce some new elements that build on our strong foundation as Idaho’s go-to source for business news.

Here are a few of the things we have in the works:

·      Expanded tech industry coverage: In the next few weeks, IBR will launch a new email newsletter on the tech industry, which will come out every Wednesday. Please stay tuned for sign-up information.

·      Expanded small business coverage: I’m constantly meeting small business owners who are bringing new, unique concepts to Idaho. I would like to get more of their stories into the IBR.

·      Redesigned print newspaper: Our graphic designers are already exploring ways to freshen up IBR’s look.

·      Revamped podcast: I love podcasts and aim to make ours a dynamic, engaging conversation about all the latest business news.

·      New IBR app: Eventually, I hope to launch an IBR app so readers can quickly engage with our stories on mobile devices.

I would also like to welcome our “new, new Jeanne,” Steve Sinovic, who will become special sections editor on Oct. 15. Steve is a phenomenal journalist and editor who has led business publications in Reno, Nevada, and Santa Barbara, California. Currently, he covers the tourism and hospitality, retail, food and beverage and real estate beats at the Albuquerque Journal. We are thrilled to have him.

And finally, huge thank you to the entire IBR staff, who have been so helpful during this crazy month as I’ve worked to handle special sections and the newspaper. The IBR team has really stepped up to do whatever they can to ease my way, from taking on extra projects to buying me the occasional drink.

I couldn’t have done it without them.

Kim Burgess is the editor of the Idaho Business Review.

About Kim Burgess

Kim Burgess is the editor of the Idaho Business Review.

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  1. Great idea on the Tech Industry Newsletter!