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Molly M. Sedlacek, 2019 Accomplished Under 40

Molly M. Sedlacek

38 • Director of business development •

Materials Testing & Inspection (MTI), an Atlas Company • Boise

When Molly Sedlacek graduated from business school and decided it was time to use her hard-earned education, the recession hit and the economy put a giant roadblock in her path. The number of jobs available in Boise diminished, including entry-level jobs Sedlacek’s business degree may have qualified her for.

And so, for the next 10 years, Sedlacek made a living working as a bartender.

“It was bittersweet, because the skills, soft skills and people skills, that you learn in that industry have directly transferred over to my current role in business development,” she says.

Finding a professional home

Once the economy began to improve, Sedlacek began her search for a job that better aligned with her skillset and education. Little did she know that the Craigslist ad that came across her screen would become the beginning of her career with a company she loves.

Sedlacek began her career at Materials Testing & Inspection (MTI) as a marketing assistant, and after just eight months of working there was offered a promotion to become the director of business development.

“It was a little overwhelming to think about, just because I was still pretty new in this industry, but I also knew that it was a great opportunity that I couldn’t pass up, so I went ahead and said yes and haven’t looked back since,” she says.

With the help of Sedlacek, MTI has experienced incredible growth, all while maintaining a steadfast reputation.

“Her efforts have led us to doubling our revenues and further establishing MTI as a leader in the industry, not only in Idaho, but throughout the Northwest,” writes Jeremy Presley, principal/vice president of MTI, in a letter recommending Sedlacek for this award. “She brought in new clients, found untapped markets, and drove our brand to become a household name in the industry.”

Growing into the future

Sedlacek plans to continue working with MTI for the foreseeable future. Over the next few years, MTI will be in transition as it becomes an Atlas company.

MTI anticipates that this transition will lead to exponential growth with offices in over 40 states and over 3000 employees.

Family influences

Sedlacek attributes her success to her family, who she believes ingrained in her the importance of honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic.

“(Being selected for this honor) helped put things back into perspective of how fortunate I have been to have those influences and have those opportunities, and also (helped me to) be proud of myself for being able to capitalize on those and be as successful as I have and hopefully continue to be successful moving forward.”

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