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Preview: Sponsorships give a boost to corporate events

Editor’s note: This article is a preview of what Idaho Business Review readers will find in the Complete Planners’ Guide for All Corporate Events, to be published August 30, 2019.

Sponsorships are a valuable tool in making a corporate event a success by helping with the funding or adding a benefit that increases attendance. On their end, businesses can get publicity and brand awareness for their payments through emails, website traffic, social media, radio and TV ads, an event’s program, signage and wraps, logos on swag and an announcement at the event.

At the Ford Idaho Center, sponsorships can be for a specific event or the whole building, and each is tailored to fit the corporation’s needs, says Derrek Batson, the corporate partnership manager for Ford Idaho Center.

“It’s my job to make sure people have the right element,” he says.

The three venues at Ford Idaho Center – the horse park, an arena and an amphitheater – hold numerous concerts, conventions, conferences, tradeshows, sporting events, equestrian shows and other events a year. With hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, the center has a big potential audience for the sponsors.

“A company with a large online presence may be better served with sponsoring some of the venue’s digital assets,” Batson says. “On the other hand, a more word-of-mouth company may be better served with static signage.”

One measure of a sponsor’s return on investment is impressions, or the number of times an ad is seen, he said. In the case of the parks department, the number of free parking passes is one indication, he said.

Looking for the right fit 

So how does a planner find and recruit sponsors for an event?

Batson said a lot of specific events, such as a concert, carry their own sponsors. For other events and the center itself, he and his team recruit sponsors through relationships they’ve developed or with cold calls.

Danielle Snelson is CEO of both the Meridian-based SONA Events and, an online company that teaches executives of nonprofits how to sell sponsorships for their fundraisers.

Read Snelson’s tips, find a complete local directory and learn about security, what to wear and more in the 2019 edition of the Complete Planners’ Guide for All Corporate Events. If you are involved in the industry, please contact Special Sections Editor Rebecca Palmer at 208-639-3530 to ensure that your listing and information is correct.

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