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An insider’s guide to Boise Startup Week’s Grow Track

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Karen Appelgren

Danielle Horras

If you’re a business owner, achieving consistent and sustainable growth is likely a key goal for your company. Scaling a business can lead to exciting opportunities, but it’s important to be prepared for the challenges that will arise along the path to long-term success. That’s why Boise Startup Week, which kicks off the week of Oct. 7, is such a valuable opportunity for Idaho entrepreneurs.

We are responsible for planning the Grow Track, which helps business owners learn from veteran entrepreneurs, create a road map for execution and shatter barriers to growth. Thanks to sponsorship support from Perkins Coie, Eide Bailly, the University of Idaho and Zions Bank, registration is free.

It can be game-changing to hear from veteran entrepreneurs who have overcome challenges, which is why we’re excited to present keynote speakers Matt Oppenheimer of Remitly and Sondra McMindes of Children’s Therapy Place.

Matt Oppenheimer launched Remitly to disrupt a $6 billion remittance industry and make it easier and cheaper for foreign workers to send money home. Since being founded in 2011, Remitly has grown to more than 1,000 employees and helped more than 1 million customers in 40 countries. Last year, Forbes added Remitly to its Fintech 50, a list of innovative companies paving the way for using and sending money more easily.

Sondra McMindes founded Children’s Therapy Place to provide speech and language services to underserved schools and home services in Idaho. Sondra was a pioneer in telehealth, launching these services seven years before they were implemented in virtual charter schools. From its humble beginnings operating from Sondra’s home, Children’s Therapy Place now runs five clinics that provide service to children from Idaho to Florida.

We’re excited for Matt and Sondra to inspire us with key lessons learned from their experiences. To supplement our keynote speakers, we’ve also prepared sessions to address some of the most pressing challenges to growing a business:

·      Fueling Your Business Growth. It’s common for growing companies to experience cash flow crunches and regardless of your situation, you need to be prepared. Our panel of experts will address debt, equity and other financing options.
·      Operational Excellence = Found Money. Efficiently leveraging your time and resources will help your company become more profitable. Our guest speakers will share strategies they’ve used to avoid leaving money on the table.
·      Strategic Scaling: Exploring Avenues for Expansion. Founders from diverse industries will share secrets for success, struggles they’ve overcome and will answer audience questions.
·      Hazards Ahead: Avoiding Legal Landmines. It can be easy to overlook legal considerations, but being proactive today will help you avoid trouble tomorrow. Perkins Coie will share strategies for managing business risks.
·      Marketing for Rebels. In our digital culture, your brand needs to be relevant, stirring and brave to break through the clutter. Marketing agency Against will provide tips to tell your story with passion.
·      Managing Talent & Company Culture: A View from the Driver’s Seat. Talent acquisition and company culture are critical for all businesses. Local company founders will share proven strategies, followed by a networking session.

If you want your company to thrive and create a lasting legacy, Boise Startup Week’s Grow Track is for you. We hope you’ll join us for Boise Startup Week to hone the skills that help create jobs and economic prosperity for our community.  More information is available at http://boisestartupweek.org.

Karen Appelgren is director of the Zions Bank Business Resource Center in Boise and can be reached at (208) 501-7449 or karen.appelgren@zionsbank.com. Danielle Horras is director of strategic initiatives for the University of Idaho Boise and can be reached at (208) 514-9972 or dhorras@uidaho.edu.   

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