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Pocatello Temple construction is moving forward

Recent foundation work at the temple is seen.
Photos courtesy of Rick Satterfield

POCATELLO – It’s been over seven months since The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints broke ground on its new Pocatello temple, and officials say construction to date is right on schedule.

Lots of concrete is churning at the site, and steel frames are being hoisted into place by heavy-duty construction equipment, according to a progress report on the church’s website.

Work crews continue to make progress at the construction site where the temple, the sixth in Idaho, will rise over the course of the next two to three years.

Utility work is nearly finished, and crews have started developing the site’s parking lot. The basement foundation is done, and crews are currently working on the foundation for the first floor of the temple.

“Large shipments of structural and corrugated steel are on site, ready to create the superstructure of the temple once the main floor slab has been poured,” according to the website.

“Concrete is being poured on the west side including the entrance canopy footings. The retaining structures on the east end of the site have nearly reached street level. Curbing continues to be added, giving more definition to the driveways and parking lots.

“Steel beams have been laid across the north side of the basement, as structural framing gets underway. Cement mixers are still churning out concrete for the remaining foundation walls and for the parking lot curbing. At the southwest corner of the property, a foundation has been poured for the maintenance building where landscaping tools and equipment will be stored.

Helming the $62 million project, which will culminate in a three-story, 67,696-square foot temple, is Salt Lake City-based Okland Construction, a company that has worked on other temple projects.

As generator contractor on the job, Okland Construction is hiring mostly subcontractors from Pocatello through Idaho Falls, many of whom were involved in renovating the Idaho Falls temple about a year and a half ago, according to a church official.

Roughly 80 to 120 construction workers will be at the site on any given day throughout construction, the official said.

The temple will be located east of Satterfield Drive and Butte Street in Pocatello in a new subdivision known as Crestview Estates – Division 2 with views of the Snake River Plain.

Once completed, the temple will serve more than 64,000 Latter-day Saints from southeastern Idaho.

Construction work underway at the future Pocatello LDS temple.


A crane hoists materials into place at the Temple site.




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