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Alistair Rock, 2019 Excellence in Finance

Alistair Rock



Photo by Pete Grady.

With his impressive education, Alistair Rock has held a variety of jobs that inform his duties as CFO at Tovuti, LLC, a growing edtech software company headquartered in Boise.

He has also traveled the world, and brings a wealth of both knowledge and professional connections to Idaho.

Rock earned his undergraduate degree at Leicester University with a scholarship to study archaeology and anthropology. He went on to earn an MBA from Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper Business School through a scholarship from Marc and Salle Onetto.

Rock is a dynamo of leadership in not only in Idaho but also in his charitable ambitions. His genuine personality and his mind for business, finance and strategy have elevated his career and the careers of those around him.

He knows the importance of seeing a business as a whole and not just from the perspective of his department’s responsibilities.

“You leverage every strength you have to benefit the company and nothing is below you, including emptying the trash cans and vacuuming the carpets,” he wrote in an email.

At Tovuti, Rock has helped the organization achieve fiscal stability and financial mileposts within accounting, and has done it ahead of schedule while proving himself to be a “solid mentor to our younger future leaders,” writes Troy Mclain in a letter of recommendation.

Mclain, the CEO and founder of Tovuti, writes that Rock’s “fiscal responsibility and accomplishments are fully in line with this honored award.”

Born and raised in Southbridge, Great Britain, Rock attended Old Swinford Hospital Military School. In 1998, he moved to Manhattan, New York, where he met the mother of his three children before moving to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in early 2001.

Rock moved his family to Boise in 2010 to be an investment banker for Unity Medical, where he helped put together a med-ical strategy and raise capital growth. He doubled Unity Medical’s size before leaving and bought the company back last April. Now living in Boise’s North End, he is teaching his children the same generosity and integrity by which he’s lived his life.

Rock’s compassion has led him to a life of philanthropy. During his time working in Zimbabwe, Nairobi and South Africa he “was exposed to the wonderful culture of Africa, the beauty and kindness of the people, amazing landscape and environment and unfortunately the immense corruption and suffering that was plaguing the continent,” he writes.

His experiences there made his humanitarian efforts personal.

Serving on the American Friends of the Phelophepa Train of Hope (AFPT) Board since 2007 and becoming chairman in 2011, his leadership has been impeccable. AFPT Executive Vice President Cathe Kruger described him as an inspiration. In a letter of recommendation, she describes the source and effects of such inspiration.

“His commitment and passion for the Phelophepa cause in South Africa is admired by me and the board,” she writes. “His mentorship sets the bar for others to follow.”

Rock is an integral part of Boise. His work at Tovuti and with the AFPT will continue to grow and change the landscape around him. Rock is building a legacy of which his family and community can be proud.

The digital version of Excellence in Finance 2020 is available for free download.

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