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Melanie DeLashmutt, 2019 Excellence in Finance

Melanie DeLashmutt

Senior vice president of marketing and business development,

Idaho Trust Bank

Photo by Pete Grady.

Melanie DeLashmutt had an extraordinary start to her career. At the young age of 20, she was named president and CEO of Pocatello Teachers Credit Union.


Born and raised in Pocatello, DeLashmutt grew up with strong family values.

“We were always told to be the best at whatever we were doing and so that I think was always in the back of my mind and helping push me,” says DeLashmutt. “But then I am also self-motivated, so it’s a combination of both.”

After graduating from high school, DeLashmutt went to work at Pocatello Teachers Credit Union. She was hired on as a teller but was often asked to work in many other roles. When the company was hiring for the CEO position, DeLashmutt threw her name in the hat. Due to her excellent management skills and ambition, the board of directors decided to give her a chance.

From that point on, DeLashmutt gained experience at multiple other banks and institutions, honing and refining her skills along the way.

“She has greatly impressed me, not only with her great business intelligence but also with her personal awareness and ability to immediately grasp any business situation or problem,” writes Thomas Prohaska, president and CEO of Idaho Trust Bank, in a letter or recommendation.

Back to school

Despite her success in her career, DeLashmutt always felt disappointed that she had never finished her bachelor’s degree. With encouragement from her family, DeLashmutt decided to go back to school at age 40 to get it done.

“I always wanted to improve, because I knew that my employees help me to make the business successful,” says DeLashmutt. For that reason, she chose to pursue a business degree with an emphasis in human resources.”

Going forward

Moving forward in her career, DeLashmutt wants to continue to help employees and build teams that will propel her company forward. Her end goal is to be the best manager and mentor she can be and to inspire others to advance toward their goals.

“Find a good mentor,” says DeLashmutt. “Everybody needs that one person that helps keep you motivated and advises you and can help you through.”

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